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Skopelos Village
Skopelos Village Skopelos Town

Skopelos Village Suite Hotel is located in Skopelos island where the green forests meet the blue Aeg...

τιμή από 41.80

Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa
Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa Skopelos Town

The five-star property Skopelos Holidays Hotel and Spa is located just 1,5 Km from the beautiful Sko...

τιμή από 35.75

Aeolos Hotel
Aeolos Hotel Skopelos Town

Ideally located in front of Skopelos bay, overlooking the Aegean and the traditional town, it has en...

τιμή από 33.00

Rigas Hotel
Rigas Hotel Skopelos Town

On emerald green Skopelos, this blessed piece of land where the blue sea and green forests blend har...

τιμή από 20.90

Macaris Suites and Spa
Macaris Suites and Spa Rethymno Town

If you look for the perfect stay in Rethymnon, this is the hotel to stay at....

τιμή από 59.40

Palazzo Vecchio Exclusive Residence
Palazzo Vecchio Exclusive Residence Rethymno Town

The hotel building is at the edge of the old town of Rethymno, at a short distance from the Venetian...

τιμή από 46.20

Rimondi Boutique Hotel
Rimondi Boutique Hotel Rethymno Town

Rimondi Boutique Hotel is a city hotel and it is a renovated old mansion which still has its unique ...

τιμή από 44.00

Kyma Beach Hotel
Kyma Beach Hotel Rethymno Town

Providing a privileged position near the vicinity’s attractions, this small but beautiful hotel feat...

τιμή από 41.80

Poseidonion Grand Hotel
Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses

Situated in Spetses, a picturesque island, near Athens with rich naval history and lovely beaches, a...

τιμή από 79.20

Spetses Hotel
Spetses Hotel Spetses

Spetses Hotel is located 10 minutes away from the port and centre of the island, Dapia, situated at ...

τιμή από 63.25

Aktia Lounge Hotel & Spa(former Sentido Anthoussa)
Aktia Lounge Hotel & Spa(former Sentido Anthoussa) Stalis

Set in a central location overlooking the beach, the Aktia Lounge Hotel and Spa offers modern, styli...

τιμή από 40.15

Katrin Suites
Katrin Suites Stalis

Katrin Suites located in Stalis 30Km from the interantional airport, is only 200 m away from the the...

τιμή από 36.30

Zephyros Beach Boutique Hotel
Zephyros Beach Boutique Hotel Stalis

Zephyros Beach Boutique Hotel is located directly on the long Sandstarnd of Stalis, in a central loc...

τιμή από 35.20

Dias Hotel & Apts (ex Dias Luxury)
Dias Hotel & Apts (ex Dias Luxury) Stalis

Dias hotel apartments, situated in one of the most beautiful areas with it's sandy beaches on the no...

τιμή από 31.35


Σχόλια Πελατών

  • Dear Eleni,

    thanks a lot for Your good service.

    Thanks for transfer, many thanks to Mr. Konstantinos, who made the transfer!

    We have a greate pleasure to have a holiday in Eolunda Mare!!!

    Best regards,

    Nataliya Zakharova
    Nataliya Zakharova 11/05/2009
  • Fantastic service the best holidays I have, is with your company.

    INTERDYNAMIC Thanks for your help Sincerely yours
    Cathal Power

    Cathal Power
    Cathal Power 12/06/2001
  • We would like to thank you for your swift response and enlightening information!
    Hope you all have a pleasant Cristmas Holiday, and best wishes for the New Year!

    Jan Alsaker

    Mrs.Fany Voutsela
    Mrs.Fany Voutsela 10/12/2004

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